Company profile of yantai tianjiu printing equipment co.,ltd

Yantai tianjiu printing equipment co.,ltd is specialized in the researching, designing and developing manual screen printing machines, auxiliary machines and materials. now we have designed and produced more than 20 kinds of manual screen printing machines and more than 20 kinds of auxiliary equipment. There are manual screen printing machine series; Screen printing auxiliary equipment series; many kinds of silk screen frame series; a variety of screen printing platen series and a variety of innovative invention of various practical screen convenient tools and combined screen printing working table series etc ,totally 8 series of products,Small screen printing industry needs and a variety of equipment,Products cover all screen printing industry in,such as tools and materials.

Three are professional designers, engineers and foreign trade translators in our company. All the requirement are produced by ourselves. We would like to communicate and negotiate with friends both at home and abroad at any time.

Our company had a full set of mechanical processing equipment,metal sheet laser cutting machine,bending machine,shearing machine, automatic drilling machine, automatic tapping machine. We also have complete set advanced electrostatic spraying equipment and the screen platen cutting processing equipment ,etc. Welcome friends from all over the world OEM, ODM cooperation, and custom various kinds of screen printing equipment.

Our company has established long-term cooperation with dealers and agents in Unite State,Germany, Japan, Canada, South Korea and other Countries ,Especially in Europe and the United States, Canada, Japan and other sales developed in countries, our blue series of screen printing machine in the Ebay, Amazon, Yahoo Japan, Tesco shopping sales occupies a share; the quality of the products has been affirmed by the clients.

All of our products are exported to Europe and Japan in strict accordance with the technical specifications and standards of design, production, packaging;Sincerely welcome friends from all over the world to visit our company and guidance, to discuss cooperation.







Participate In Domestic And International Exhibitions









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